Sobriety and jewelled inlets: Mike Hadreas interviews

I’ve been trawling the interweb for interesting interviews with MH. In this one with David Renshaw from Drowned in Sound , he talks about the difficulties of enjoying yourself in bars when you don’t drink.

DiS: How are you finding being sober?
It makes socialising hard because I don’t know how to hang out or where to go and what to do really. I mean what do you do if you don’t drink?

DiS: Drink orange juice I think…
Yeah, I mean I’ve been out a few times you get sick of Diet Coke pretty quickly, let me tell you. Bars are a very different place when you’re sober, I don’t know how I spent 37 hours at a time in there. They’re boring as SHIT.

 I know too well what this is like, having given up for four years. All that cold liquid sloshing around inside you (without the warming effects of alcohol) leaves you thoroughly chilled (not in the good way), thoroughly bored and desperate to pee every two minutes. If you drink coffee, you’re completely wired after two cups. If you drink soft drinks, all the sugar has much the same effect. You feel like a hyperactive toddler surrounded by drunk adults. Also, many people have a hyper-inflated sense of how interesting or humorous they are when they are pissed. You soon start turning down the invites and staying at home.



A particularly good interview was conducted about a year ago by email between Ruth Saxelby from Dummy and MH. I particularly like this method of interviewing, where the object is to have a conversation, not to put the interviewee on the spot about what their songs mean/how troubled their past is, etc. It is actually about the interviewee and not about how clever the journo is as an interrogator. A few extracts below.  It’s well worth reading the whole thing….

Movies turn me in to a baby sometimes. I hesitate to even mention the specific film because it is so embarrassing, but after i saw it i spent a couple weeks randomly keeling over when i thought of certain scenes. It was very dramatic. One time i was even doing the dishes. I think that is the gayest thing i have ever done, remembering movie scenes and openly weeping while doing the goddamn dishes.

I work at a department store, making keys and mixing paint for the various white people that come in demanding keys and paint. This month they are really in to the employees giving 110 percent. Its written all over everything. And if you are interested the safety topic is “Cut Prevention”

I enjoy smoking a lot. Thats probably the only thing i do consistently that i enjoy.

I made a color called “Jeweled Inlet” for a dude the other day. My manager made a comment likening the phrase to her vagina. There is also “Baby Smile” which is a really unsettling yellow. One time these two old ladies hugged me in unison after I made them a gallon of paint. I forget the name of that one. They come in all the time and act like we haven’t hugged. But i shoot them a significant glance.

I walked by a grocery store clerk that was stalking cereal and one of the boxes fell. He said “Cereal, why are you so failure to me?” Really quietly and sweet. I loved that!


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